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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The very intersting Men of The Great Gatsby...

Tom Buchanan: Tom is married to Daisy and Gatsby is very jealous of him for that. He is described by both Nick and Daisy as being very muscular and having a big body that blocks out doorways and very clumsy. Daisy used the word "hulking" to describe him and that annoys him very greatly. Tom and Nick met in college and they became very good friends. Due to his big size he was a great football player, now he raises polo ponies and drifts around wherever people play polo.

Nick Carraway: Nick went to college at New Haven, where he met Tom, and graduated in 1915. Shortly after graduating he entered the "Great War" where fought for the U.S. after the war he felt restless and decided to move east and learn how to sell bonds. His father decided to finance him for a year and he moved east in the spring of 1922. He moved to an area named West Egg next to a man named Gatsby and across the bay from his cousin Daisy. Nick is a person who does not judge other people because he know others aren't as fortunate as him.

Jay Gatsby: Jay Gatsby was once know as James Gatz before he changed it because he did not like it. His parents were unsuccessful farmers and he never really accepted that they were his real family. He worked as a clam-digger in lake superior for a while until he met Dan Cody. He came into some money because of Cody and became a bootlegger later in his life. During his time in the war he fell in love with a woman named Daisy, after the war they lost contact until they moved in the same area of East and West-Egg. He hopes that now that they are reunited they will once again be together with the help of Nick. Gatsby throws great parties in hopes of luring Daisy, but it doesnt work.

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